She is a treasure under cover. Had pretty face, and nice shape. After some welcoming chatting we went into the room to start the business. She had a welcoming attitude and made me feel really easy and relax. We took off each other’s outfit, then unders. She asked for a quick shower, and then went back to me on the bed, nake. We cuddle and explore each other for a few minutes. She started a routine rimming over my body, then blow job – i had to say this is one of the best i have had with Chinese girls for a long time. Then the good stuff comes, we tried multiple positions, doggy, riding, k nite, and i ended in missionary, watching her face. It was so good and was 30min well spent. She cleaned me carefully afterwards, and we chatted a little bit before good bye. I would definitely repeat!

xxx xx arrived on time before my apartment, and like other girls that i have seen before, she appeared shy, which i actually like. Let her in and we started with a warm hug simply to ease the atmosphere. Then it was pretty standard process with wash and rubbing pre-session. Her face was pretty and her eyes were beautiful. Her B-cup breast fitted well with her petite asian body. Everything looked just right.

We went to bedroom and started the formal procedure. She gave me a good mouth job which turned me on. I was trying to taste her privacy in return but was politely rejected- as she was just a bit shy about that. So I continued with mission and then doggy, and then went back to mission and finished there. She was overall submissive and moans a little (but not loud). I was tired so the first shot was a bit quick. She helped me clean up carefully and offer to have a 2nd pop. I know my age so instead i asked her to give me a 20min massage during which we got a chance to chat more about life, etc. I really like her and the natural GFE experience. Will repeat next time

Called the agent. She told me that the photos on any Chinese website are all fake but she could sent a girl that would meet my requirement. I asked for a busty girl and she promised to send one. The first time she sent a very good looking girl but unfortunately only has B-cup. I gave her 100RMB as taxi fee and sent her home. The next day the agent sent another girl, who is also nice looking and bigger size in all scales. Not exactly what I looked for but I took her in. Linda (she told me her Chinese name is Lingling) has only been in this business for a few months. She works at some hotel to do massage before and realized that extra service is lucrative. She was young and very willing to please. We took a brief shower together before heading to bed. She started with rimming all over me and proceeded with mouth work. I was turned hard and ask if I could kiss her. She said yes and was very shy. I then went ahead with long french kiss which obvious turned her on as well- again she appeared to be very innocent and inexperience and 100% GFE. Then I started with missionary and that brought her to climax. She later told me that she had not had any sex for many days (thanks to the cold weather in BJ). In return she rode me for another 5 minutes as cow girl. Her puss was very tight and I could not hold too long for that. I cum while she hold me tightly like a real gf. After the movement she quickly cleaned me up. There was still 30min left. We then chatted and she performed a pretty nice massage for me. I would repeat

My experiences with her weren’t too out of the ordinary. Rate 1000. Set up with Fiona was easy.

When we first met she came in and gave me a hearty kiss. She showered then we proceeded onto the bed.

She gives BBBJ with good emphasis on the sack. I just leaned back and watched her work her mouth. Very enthusiastic girl.

As for positions.. we started with her on top. I could tell that once she started going that she really wanted to fuck. She rode me hard and really got me into it. Wasn’t sure if she allowed deep french kissing but I went for it in the heat of passion. That let know her that things were just beginning.

We then changed to doggy (she has a great view from behind). My fav position. Pounded that ass hard as she moaned while the bed rocked. Didn’t want to bother my neighbors too badly (lol) so I pinned her down and covered mouth with my hand as I continued drilling her from behind as she moaned. I could tell that she loved it. When I began slowing down she pressed her hand against my leg and pushed it against her(as if she wanted it deeper/harder).When I let go of my hand she turned her head and french kissed me. Very very hot.

Missionary was pretty routine of the usual positions. She was more into it than with the other positions. She liked it when I told her to wrap her legs around me as I drilled her.

Overall, Lulu is a great girl. Fun experience. I got the chance to talk to her and found out that this is something she does on the side while she tries to find a job. She says it’s hard for her to cum unless there’s an emotional connection or/if the guy knows his shit. I’m not the most experienced guy out there but she came close.

Nice feet (if you’re into it like I am). GREAT TITS. God damn. Nicest I’ve seen. Perfect size and all. Above average face (I’m picky).

Would definitely call her up once I return to Beijing.

10 Things That Would Make Beijing’s New Airport Not Just World’s Largest, But World’s Best

While our advice might be coming a bit too late for the major infrastructure portions of the new airport, here’s our list of ideas that should be taken into consideration so that it doesn’t suck as badly as our current option, making not only the world’s largest but also the world’s best airport:

1. A quality food street that encompasses the best of local Chinese and foreign cuisines at reasonable prices.
Why do we have to be stuck with overpriced dross and bad fast food? Why not make the airport showcase the best Beijing (and the world) has to offer. In terms of Chinese food we’re thinking Da Dong Roast Duck, Din Tai Fung, Jin Ding Xuan, and perhaps a fourth Zhang Mama outlet. We also really wouldn’t mind a Moka Bros or Comptoirs de France outlet, and why not a craft beer stand with Great Leap, Slow Boat and Arrow Factory brews? We also recommend keeping these outlets open 24/7 aka not closing the restaurants and stores at 8pm like T2 tends to do.

2. A souvenir shop that has stuff people would actually want to buy, preferably one that rotates selection.
Sure, there are people who come for that once-in-a-lifetime China trip and will buy any old clichéd crap you serve them because they feel guilty going home empty-handed. But for those of us who actually live in Beijing, why not sell souvenirs that take into account that we pass through the airport more than once. Things like quality books about China, cool Beijing-inspired art, or perhaps some of Plastered 8‘s most Beijing-y options. Even just opening an H&M would make the new airport better with regards to its shopping experience than the current T1, T2, and T3 shopping options.

3. A rent-by-the-hour coworking space, where business travelers could get functional work done in a comfortable environment.
How many of us fritter away hours of our lives sitting on uncomfortable airport chairs wandering between gates? A coworking space where you could sit for an hour or two would make the wait go by faster, and would really improve international perception of the airport: make it the worlds’ most productive.

4. A massive indoor playground for kids.
Bored kids in airports and in airplanes are like time bombs, no matter what their age. We’d like to see playgrounds in each of the arms of the terminal, segregated for toddlers and older children. Parents and non-parents alike would benefit from kids so exhausted from a romp in the playground that they sleep through the flight.

5. A spa and mobile Taipan foot massage masseuses offering pre-flight relaxation.
Why not? Hell, there’s nothing worse than getting on a long-haul flight pre-stressed. A foot massage or a long soak can go a long way in fixing this problem.

6. Ubiquitous free Wi-Fi for all.
This one speaks for itself. And forget password protection or time limits. We also don’t want to be hanging around the airport for more than three hours, but sometimes that’s just the way it is, and a little bit of Wi-Fi can help you forget that fact and improve the experience a lot.

7. Budget and mid-range hotels not near but in the airport, within walking distance of check-in.
Flight delayed? No more nightmares getting shuttled off to somewhere off-site, or wondering about how you’re going to afford that expensive five-star airport hotel. It really shouldn’t be that hard to put budget and mid-range hotels in the airport, allowing people to get some shut-eye or a shower.

8. A pay-per-hour fitness center with showers and rentable gym clothes.
Another great way to spend time at the airport during a delay would be to sweat it out and be able to shower afterwards. Rentable gym clothes would complete this super fangbian experience, although their laundry services would have to be on point.

9. Temperature control.
You’d think this was pretty obvious, but on many summer days it feels like Beijing International Capital Airport just doesn’t have it’s aircon switched on. Turn on that damn A/C, and you may find that people are less grumpy and that flights are less smelly. It might even make us less forgiving when it turns out our flights are undoubtedly delayed.

10. Enough working runways. 
And finally, without sounding like we’re getting ahead of ourselves, why not create a system whereby flights aren’t perpetually delayed? We know, such a mindblowing example of organizational practices and improved communication with Beijing’s ever-fickle military airspace overlords might be a little too much to ask, so why not just have more than one working runway? We’re fairly tired of spending upwards of 30 minutes taxiing, as beautiful as Beijing Capital International Airport is, but maybe, just maybe, let’s try and make it the exception, not the rule, come 2019.

Independent girl Anna, Beijing Tantra & Tantric massage


Beijing Tantra & Tantric massage, a new age form of massage blending elements of Yoga, prostate, lingam, sensual, body to body massage with oil, is increasingly popular in the world.

A good tantric massage supposedly serves the purpose of helping energy flow through the body, which is vitalizing and good for the health.

You will discover the art of touch, how to control and learn the power of your sensual Chakra’s energy. This special ritual will help you to achieve the unit of your physical, mental and spiritual self. You will experience immense pleasure, complete balance of your mind and body and you will enjoy excitement without tension….

During your massage session strokes are done very slowly and sensuously to allow you to explore your senses and become fully present in your whole mind & body. A blissful feeling of relaxation is produced; Tantric Massage Is designed to relive stress, anxiety, increased blood flow, better sleep and pain relive; But it can also help you to enhance and prolong passion and pleasure…The real bliss. you will get the full benefit of the beijing tantric experience.

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