12 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I was the guy that stayed at Grand Hyatt hotel Beijing last night, I have used Bobo’s services. She is lovely and gentle. She was work hard to help me relax, especially I can touch her big breasts during the massage
    , feel so so so good……

  2. Recently tried Bobo, because i am interested in prostate massage. First of all, a good oil rub massage for full body, Finally, she stuck her finger in my ass, I liked it so much, I was rock hard for about 2 hours and orgaz without cumming. That was a roller coaster I would like to repeat. Thank you dear Bobo!

  3. Just had a chance to experience so called “magic hands”. There is no doubt that it beyond your imagination. In addition to that, deeply impressed by her professional ethics. Keep going !

    Just some input from a China Traveller.

  4. Gotta recommend Anna, 800local for amazing b2b and almost everything but FS. Always risky cos pics are fake but I was v pleasantly surprised, no upsell and considerate. 8.5/10 looks. 9.5/10 service. No fuss and attentive. 0f course you know that In Beijing, Chaoyang – Fiona is still reliable for FS outcall of course, but if ur looking for more tantric style I found this really worth it, good skills and no tricks. Tempted to try others on that site now….will report.

  5. Such great experience with Lisa, she dressed in the lingerie I bought her and full filled a great fantasy. I am definitely coming back.

  6. Hey girls, thanks so much to Pretty and Anna, for that inforgettable experience yesterday, you girls are lovely, so light your touch, so wonderful the feeling you gave me. I’ll be back soon.

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